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This page is a Acne No More Review. Click below if you're looking for:

I would like to you to know two important points:

  1. Point #1: Whoever told you that you can clear your acne OVERNIGHT with this or that MIRACLE cream/pill are LIARS and should swallow my fist. I F*CKEN HATE LIARS!
  2. Point #2: It's a VERY DETAILED Review. So grab a cup of coffee first.

I'll be reviewing on these main points listed below (Click to jump to that section though I recommend you read from the top):

(I really never expected myself to try Acne No More because i THOUGHT it's going to be another scam. But... Read on.)

My Results


Before AcneNoMore   arrow   After AcneNoMore
BEFORE (1 Month)   AFTER

I know you don't give a sh1t about me but I'm Mark and yes I USED to look ugly.

Anyway, this shot was taken 1 month AFTER I tried Acne No More system.


Because I DIDN'T KNOW it was going to work till I saw results after 1 month.

You can imagine how BAD my acne was if I considered this to be GOOD.


Yes, that's 3 months after I was into the program though I wouldn't say that I have clear skin... YET.

But you'll have to read my quick story on how I cleared these painful acnes.

I went through Acne No More System by Mike Walden and god it was tough. - Yes, I'll be totally honest right upfront with you.



Too many but rest assure I'll reveal to you what I HATE and LOVE about Acne No More.

Why I'm AGAINST Promoters Who Try To Sell Lazer Face Treatments:


Before I begin this Acne No More review, I'll need to throw you this VERY IMPORTANT warning.

laser face treatment
Laser Treatments


Do NOT sign up for any laser treatments or surgery that are in your locals.


You'll waste money like I did. Yes, it MAY work but it's a TEMPORARY fix to your acne because you're curing EXTERNALLY and NOT INTERNALLY.

Your internals are what is causing the problems which results in acnes. If you're confused, sorry but just read on...

Anyway, these companies are smart to hire hot sexy ladies with clear skin to make you jealous and "convince/con" you to sign up for FREE 1st session with them.

Yes, they just want you to sign up with them for the 1ST Session and they know they HAVE you for the rest of their sessions.

They KNOW that your 1st session is NOT going to get you clear COMPLETELY. They'll just make sure you're able to see VISIBLE results.

Once you see results, you're happy and you'll sign up for more packages.

In case you don't know, these ladies draws commissions from each sale that they refer (which is you). Therefore, as long as you're still in the package, they earn $$$.

Best part is they won't only sell you the treatment sessions, they'll UPSELL you on products, claiming something like, "Oh, these are ESSENTIAL to prevent NEW PIMPLES from popping up."

What a truckload of bullsheet, scums.

If you don't believe my advice, go sign up for one now and feel their wrath.

Yes, I'm not saying that all these treatments won't work BUT... what you're actually doing is curing EXTERNALLY and NOT INTERNALLY.

If you don't correct what's happening in your body, it's just gonna keep throwing you acne.

If you're one of the promoters reading this, please... touch your heart.

Ok enough of my rant.

Who Am I and Why You Should Read My Acne No More Review?


The long personal version would be on my About page.

But here's my short version:

I'm Mark and had suffered from acne for roughly 5 years. I tried almost every possible solution that the acne community or you can think of. Proactiv to Lazer Surgery to a special supposedly well-known dermatologist in Finland to tons of creams!

Whatever you think you've tried, I probably did as well.

Anyway journey was tough till I encountered Acne No More where it claimed to cure yourself HOLISTICALLY. - Which basically means curing yourself INTERNALLY and NATURALLY.

I was VERY skeptical about it before I decided to give it a try since it's NATURAL and hell it was so CHEAP compared to the creams and "surgeries" that I've been "invested".

So, I bought it.

Yeah, it has a whopping 242 pages. Check it out:

buy acne no more
242 Pages


But jesus, my journey was EVEN tougher when I was in the Acne No More System.

Here's why...

How Acne No More Works and What Did It Taught Me?


Acne No More by Mike Walden is NOT a TEMPORARY fix compared to pimple creams and surgery.

Acne No More works on clearing your body, INTERNALLY.

So you HAVE to face up to reality that getting clear skin within a WEEK is IMPOSSIBLE. - Because you've built up SO MUCH NONSENSE over the years in your body.

Another very important fundamental I took away from Acne No More is this quote.

I'll screenshot it for you.

acne warning sign


If you're still confused on what that means, you should knock yourself on the head.

Ever heard of "You get what you eat?".

Basically if you've been eating sheet for the past 20 years, you get sheet.

Whoever told you that what you eat has NOTHING to do and that you can eat chocolates EVERYDAY and NOT have acne = BULLSHEET.

I apologies for my straightforward rudeness in my speech but I really did wanted to punch my friends on that.

Every person's body are made different and some people can handle those inflammatory food better.

That's just the way life is.

Not happy? Cry then.

Once you figure that crying isn't going to help, then read on...

What you EAT is just PART of the equation.

There're many other influencing factors like your lifestlye.

Here's What Else Acne No More Book Taught Me:

  1. The Truth About Acne (this is VITAL, you NEED to know what causes acne)
  2. The Whole Acne No More System (this is in step-by-step, I printed it out)
  3. How to Cleanse, Flush and Detox Your Body to Get CLEAR
  4. A Whole DETAILED Chapter of your body (how it works.. etc..)
  5. External Skin Care Tips (what you should apply, and what NOT to apply, VERY IMPORTANT.)
  6. How to Manage stress (it's part of the equation...)
  7. How to Optimize your Sleep and Exercises (I never knew that sleep was THAT important till I read this chapter...)

God, just so much I'm lazy to name them...

So, just refer to this screenshot I took from the Acne No More's Table of Contents:

acne no more table of contents 1
Table of Contents (Chapter 1 to 3) - (blurred for obvious reasons)
acnenomore table of contents 2
Table of Contents (Chapter 7 to 8) - (blurred for obvious reasons)



Who is Mike Walden?


Honestly, I don't know who and don't give a sh1t back then but NOW... I do.

I want to meet him in person, personally shake his hands and THANK HIM. If you're reading this Mike, I'm serious.

Anyway, all I know is he's a medical researcher and nutritionist.

Yeah and that he's friendly too. I dropped him a few questions back then. It took him 3 days later to reply though but it was a hella DETAILED answer.

acne no more email support
An email to Mike Walden (blurred because I asked a really long yet stupid question...)



Is Acne No More For Me?


I'll be straight forward with you.

If your attitude are any of the below:

  • Not an Action Taker
  • One who gives up easily
  • Don't know how to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Impatient douche

Then the answer is NO, it ain't for you and I only have ONE phrase for you.

lazy cat
"There're NO ugly people in this world, only LAZY ones."



However if your attitude are any of the below:

  • Have SELF-DISCIPLINE (follow and DO IT)
  • Will NEVER give up (at least for 1 MONTH)
  • An ACTION taker (basically, you WALK THE TALK.)
  • Know how to follow SIMPLE instructions
  • Patience person (one month at least)

Then YES.

I have also noticed myself that I'm feeling BRIGHTER everyday for NO particular reason and I'm feeling healthy OVERALL.

I don't get tired easily everyday and I sleep MUCH better.

Basically Acne No More is a 'YES' for you if you're looking to CHANGE your life for the LONG term and NOT SHORT term.

Yes, it does work but it requires lots of your PERSISTANCE and PATIENCE.


Because you've fed so much nonsense to your body over the past 20 years and your body NEEDS time to heal now.

Ok, but before you think about investing in Acne No More, you HAVE to read What I HATE and LOVE about Mike's Acne No More.

What I HATE About Acne No More


1. No Videos

Seriously, Mike! What the hell is wrong with you?

It's the 21st century man! It's time for VIDEOS!

That was what I said to myself when I invested in the AcneNoMore system.

I've ALWAYS preferred videos compared to eBooks(pdf). Personal perference, don't ask me why.

However, after reading the eBook, I'm thankful that it's an eBook due to the amount of notes I took(printed) and highlighted.

But still, videos would be cool, Mike. But nonetheless, solid content.

2. 242 Pages of WORDS

Ok, I never thought 242 pages was so hard to digest compared to my favourite novel with a whopping 343 Pages.

That's because I'm reading on a topic that I'm completely NEW.

So yes, you MAY suffer from "Information Overload" if you try to swallow everything is ONE sitting.

My advice would be to set aside 3 days at least for Acne No More. (I took 5 days).


3. It's an eBook

Hell, I personally HATE eBooks(pdf) because I'd rather HOLD a book on my bed than read it off the computer.

That's just me. Maybe you prefer to read it on your Kindle/iPad, I don't know.

Yeah you guessed it, I printed out all 242 pages.

4. You NEED Patience & Self-Discipline

Ok, you'll need at least ONE month into the ANM system to see VISIBLE results. Some may see within a week but for me, it took 1 month.

You may take a lot shorter. Why?

It really depends on how much "damage" you've caused to your body and how much "repairing" it has to do.

You'll understand what I mean when you work on the system SO HARD but you DON'T see VISIBLE results compared to overnight spam of pimple creams. Yes, you'll have 2 choice. Give UP or PERSERVE.

You know my answer to that.

5. You HAVE To Change Your Eating Habits

This was the toughest in AcneNoMore as I had to part with my favourite chocolates back then.

Asking me to give up chocolates back then was like asking me to stop breathing. It WAS IMPOSSIBLE. But I did...

Big change. But I'm DARN glad that I made the decision as chocolate was a HIGHLY INFLAMMATORY food to me. (Mike teaches you how to "test" your body.)

Besides chocolate, I had to switch to a COMPLETELY different diet and lifestyle.

It WAS TOUGH but you betcha I'm loving it now.

So, be prepared to buy healthy food and CUT DOWN on fast food. Yeah, kiss good bye to MacDonalds.

6. Be Prepared to take Supplements.

Hell yeah, I NEVER took supplements in my life because I don't believe in them till I read Acne No More.

It totally changed my perspective on supplements.

Your typical diet ain't giving the body the RDA nutrients it requires.

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

So depending on your own individual, you MAY have to take supplements.

And if you HAVE to, DON'T BE STINGY on it. You'll ONLY PROLONG your time needed for clear skin.

FYI, I personally had to take EFA/Coconut Oil/Probiotics/Lecithins/Psyllium Husk. - Yeah, you can figure out that my typical diet back then had tons of nutrients huh? ;)

7. Doing Enemas

Ok, in chapter 4 Of AcneNoMore, Mike introduces something called, "Enema" for cleansing and flushing.

In dummy and disgusting terms, Enema means shuffing something UP your BUTT to clear your colon with water to help your body discharge accumulated waste.

I bought it.

An enema that I bought



But... never used it.

Thank god it was OPTIONAL as I just can't imagine myself shuffing something up my butt, LOL.

Don't get me wrong; the benefits of Enemas are good but... for me...

The thought of it is just plain disgusting but I would had probably cleared faster if I did..... but nevermind.

What I LOVE about Acne No More


1. Taught Me Self-Discipline

One of the virtues I lack is Self-Discipline and honestly I never thought I would acquire this through Acne No More.

I'm now a firm believer of Self Discipline and it all comes down to "HOW BADLY" you want something.

I wanted clear skin SO much that I forced myself to be disciplined in this area and follow the baby steps, accordingly.

Heard of "Suffer first, then enjoy."? - That's exactly the mindset you MUST have.


2. EXTREMELY detailed and thorough explanations

I'll tell you upfront that I'm a COMPLETE douche when it came to health. I didn't even know what's probiotics or antibiotics. And god it was TOUGH learning all these new terms.

But Mike does it FANTASTICALLY in Acne No More.

He makes sure he covers everything thoroughly, which means the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. (i.e. 5W 1H)


  • He'll tell you WHO should eat this
  • He'll tell you WHAT should you eat in the morning
  • He'll tell you WHEN should you eat this food
  • He'll tell you WHY should you eat that food in the morning
  • He'll tell you WHERE can you get this food
  • He'll tell you HOW you should eat it too.

The above MAY sound stupid to you but you'll thank him for being so damn thorough.

Of course some parts were still confusing for me and I had to Google but that's just the minority.

A few other things I like was he lay out "Important Guidelines" and "Warnings" for particular sections:


Several Warnings and Guidelines... (blurred for obvious reasons)


Don't ignore these warnings as they're called WARNINGs for a reason.

I felt it was seriously 242 pages of SOLID content with NO fluff and "fillers". (except if you consider 4 pages of his self-introduction as fillers, lol)


3. Step-By-Step Instructions

His steps are just SO "baby-steps" to follow.

I'll show you an example:

acnenomore step by step
Step by Step of the ANM System (blurred for obvious reasons)


Basically, he'll tell you how to make them, what ingredients, how many tablespoons, what's next, etc.

Here's His Popular Flowchart:

acne no more flowchart
Flowchart of ANM System (blurred for obvious reasons)



If you can't follow, just shoot yourself.

4. 24 hours Free Email Counselling

acne no more free email counseling
The unbelievable awesome counseling that he promise...



A couple of times I had to email him with some questions and he replied with a VERY DETAILED reply.

I posted above a screenshot of an email I sent. I can't believed I asked a stupid question but he replied very professionally still.


5. Doesn't Matter If You're NEW to HEALTH/Nutrition and How Your Body Works

Mike Walden's clear explanation will totally clear this obstacle.

Terminologies like:

If you don't understand now, don't worry. You will later.

He'll over explain sometimes but just treat it as a revision.

6. A Wide Selection of Food You Can Choose From

Mike Walden throws a tons of selection at you.

It gives me the flexibility to choose what I like to eat so I have COMPLETE control of what I wanna take instead of a fixed diet.

You may like it but I HATE sticking to ONE diet.

I'm sure you encounter books where they tell you, "eat more fiber-rich food." - That's it. That's all they say.

They don't tell you WHAT food in specific. I mean seriously, at least recommend me man.

Acne No More throws you a list of food:

acne no more what to eat
Example of how he presents what food to eat (blurred for obvious reasons)



7. Tells You What you MUST Avoid

Ok this is SO important because you could had been eating food that are causing acne. - Something that you are allergic to.

As for myself, examples of the list of food that I really had to cut off from was:

  1. Gluten
  2. Milk

Wow, I didn't know milk was such a deadly acne aggravator. - Dairy, to be exact.

And I was taking it, EVERYDAY! LOL, what a joke.

Here's an example of the list:

acnenomore what to avoid eating
Example of how he'll present what to avoid to eat (blurred for obvious reasons)



8. Has Tons of Tips and Tricks

Here are some examples that I LOVE:

  • How to eliminate Cravings (was a big problem for me)
  • How to exercise PROPERLY and the amount you need
  • How to do PROPER breathing exercises (meditation especially. The "4-7-8" method is fantastic)
  • How to Control Your Stress Level
  • How to OPTIMIZE your Sleep (I never knew sleep was so important)

The above may all seem like kid's stuff to you.

Lol, I felt the same way as well till I read it. It helps. You'll understand once you go through it yourself.


9. Detailed Step-by-Step EXTERNAL Skin Care Protocols

Mike does well here by laying out in STEP-BY-STEP what you need to do.

Helped me a lot especially during my first few weeks.

Here's what I used from Acne No More:

daily skin care protocols
Example of his step-by-step daily skin care protocol (blurred for obvious reasons)


The tea tree oil regimen works great for me in reducing redness. - You may want to give it a shot too but please do your due diligence as well.


10. Tells You What to AVOID for Skin Care

This section is HELLA important as I didn't know some of the products that I've been using for months was highly inflammatory to me as it was chemical based.

You could be be in the same fate as me.


11. Has Bonus Chapters

bonus chapter eliminate scars

Screenshot of Bonus Chapters... (blurred for obvious reasons)


His special bonus chapter is on How to Clear ACNE SCARS which will be highly useful for me and perhaps you as well.

Like his other AcneNoMore chapters, he's VERY detailed in this.

Unfortunately, I have NOT implemented yet so I can't review the effectiveness yet.

FINAL ADVICE for Acne No More

1. Take Photo Of Yourself Before Starting

That was one big mistake I didn't do as I never THOUGHT this could work. - Only after 1 month later.


2. NEVER GIVE UP. Never...Never...Never!

Always remember this.

You've ruined your body over 20 years and now you want to cure your body within A WEEK? - Dream on. FACE UP TO REALITY.


3. PRINT out the Whole Acne No More Book.

Yes, print it out so you can TAKE NOTES.

Trust me, you'll be taking tons of notes, especially when you're NEW to health related terminologies.

It's also easier for you to highlighted printed notes to a grocery stall for your health shopping spree.

4. Read with intend to LEARN

Don't read for the sake of reading through.

It's okay to take longer as long as you are LEARNING.

Basically, don't read and then forget without taking action.


5. Be an ACTION Taker

Start working on your diet IMMEDIATELY and NOT procrastinate like a Jabroni.

Enough said.

6. Check Back EVERY Month

Once you see results, print out your photo and compare with your Day 1's photo.

It's a HUGE Ego Boost.

I can still remember the feeling back then.

I'm sure you will too ;)

It's THAT, that will keep you going!

Here are some common questions:

Does Acne No More Really Work?


Simple answer. Yes, it works but you NEED patience and perservance.

Is Acne No More a Scam?

Simple answer. No.

And even if you still think AcneNoMore's a scam. It has a 60-day Risk Free guarantee.

So if for god knows what reason you feel you got cheated, just email Clickbank.

Sidenote: Email me too, I would love to know your reason.

Is Acne No More WORTH the Investment?

It's really funny when people ask me that.

I mean DUH, I got clear(or at least 3/4) because of this.

So, YES. - With FULL affirmation.

It may sound like a lot of money to invest but think about it, you're not only clearing your acne but improving your OVERALL health also.

If you say you DON'T HAVE THE MONEY, I understand. But listen up.

If you can afford to purchase tons of "INSTANT-VANISH-ACNE-CREAMS" or sign up for Lazer Surgeries, I don't see how you DON'T HAVE the money to invest in Acne No More.

Drop these excuses.

And even if you don't invest in Acne No More, I'd highly suggest you go to the library and read up on nutritional/acne books on how your body works. - Just make sure what you're reading is trustworthy and not a bunch of gimmicks.

You'll save a TON in the LONG RUN once you understand your body.

Treat your body well and it'll treat you well.

Ok I can go on and on how much more confident I feel now and how chicks dig me now but I'll stop.

Oh, and if you order AcneNoMore now, Mike throws you 3 FREE bonuses which teaches you on topics like how to prevent other diseases. It's NOT exactly related to acne but it improves your OVERALL health.

Hmmm.. I don't know how long these 3 free bonuses for AcneNoMore will be around but it would great to have these 3 bonuses in your arsenal. - I'll review these 3 books soon.

Anyway, thank you Mike. This is HANDS-DOWN the BEST investment I made.

acne no more book
Acne No More


You can get your copy of Acne No More by clicking here:

I sincerely hope I cleared all the doubts you have about Acne No More though I may have missed out a couple of review points.

If there's ANYTHING you want to ask, just contact me here and I'll answer them hopefully within 24 hours. Sorry but please don't ask dumb questions.

Please also feel free to add any comments or any questions below you might want to know about Acne No More below. - I'll try my best to answer or otherwise I'll refer them to Mike Walden.

P.S. - Don't buy "Acne Free In 3 Days". It's a JOKE. I'll review that another day. It deserves an entire page review on it lol.


#1 Mark Derulo

Ok I received too many emails asking the same questions. I figured I’ll answer them here instead. – I might take a while to get back to you.

#2 Elease Towler

Excellent article and easy to understand explanation. How do I go about getting permission to post part of the article in my upcoming news letter? Giving proper credit to you the author and link to the site would not be a problem.

#3 Kelvin

hello mark,, i have tons of pimples on my neck and cheeks region…do you feel ANM will help???

#4 Marteh Allax

Hello thank you very much for this very detailed review. You have answer all my question for me…

I have one question… Can I see results in a week if i follow everyday??

#5 Mark Derulo

Hey Kelvin. Sorry, I have been busy these days.

Honestly, I don’t know because it depends on YOUR level of commitment and how much you want to get clear. – “Once there’s a will, there’s a way.”

I had acne on my neck as well and they were really big. Much like cyst but yeah you WILL get clear if you stick to the proper diet and acne regime that Mike laid out.

But Kelvin, ultimately it’s self-discipline. Hope that helps.

#6 Mark Derulo

@Elease (#2):

I’m glad you like it, Elease.

Sure, just include in your newsletter as long as it helps them :)

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#11 Mark Derulo


Unfortunately I don’t have much time right now, Serra. But just avoid it for now as the gist of it is just a 3 days apple fast where you go on nothing but apples. Also, daily enemas which as you know I’m not a huge fan of it. Besides, Chris Gibson has received tons of negative attention from forums.

Like I said, it’s a Joke. And if you’re reading this Chris, I would want to say sorry for the hash remarks but I just can’t bring myself to saying anything good about it.

#12 Paul Lagun

After reading the ebook… I would say that it is probably the most comprehensive guide on acne.. You will need the time and devotion to make it happen. There are a lot of stuffs which I can implement right now but my work is taking too much of my time. He recommend tons of supplements which I have already ordered and waiting for delivery… Will be trying the detox routine over the weekends. How was yours Mark

#13 Mark Derulo


Yes, time and devotion is necessary. Being VERY discipline is the key.

Anyway, great to hear about your progress. My detox symptoms were BAD. I had really BAD ASS diarrhea. Even though I felt my ass to be really sore, I felt good that toxins were being flushed out. And there were TONS of them. I’m amazed how much junk I have built up over these years.

Also, broccolis seems to work really well for me. Highly alkaline based food. Just a heads up.

#14 Tracy

I know the acne no more system is cheap for what you get in return, but my question is how much do you spend on supplements monthly to keep up the system? E-mail me back and let me know. Just an average.

#15 Mark Derulo


Apologies for the late response.

EFA: $11 (2 month supply)
Multi Vitamins: $19 (2 months supply)
Priobitics: $10.49 (2 months supply)

These are the 3 main ones which Mike highly recommends you take, especially EFA.

If you do the math, it boils down to only..hmm… $20/month, 60 cents a day.

And for only 60 cents a day, the amount of health benefits you get is just INSANE, well at least for me…

Some of you emailed me where I get my supplements. I buy them off VitaCost. It’s HELLA cheap compared to walk in stores. Do a search on them and you’ll get what I mean. Besides, they are really famous for high quality products, especially their MEGA EFA.

They have free shipping as well if you exceed $49, only if you’re based in the US. But if I believe they have international shipping as well.

I hope that helps.

Oh, I do take a lot more supplements than the above but the others are for personal health reasons.

#16 Myacne101

I have been struggling with acne for 10 years now. Thanks for the staight forward Acne Tips that i will most definately try out . I also liked that you went off your way to teach some life skills that i will most def require eg self discipline :-)

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Mark I’m around 13 years old and have fairly bad acne. Do you recommend trying acne no more in my case???

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okay,i have no question/s at all,thank you for this great review it helped me to decide whether to try this or not. excited to this regimen!
Godbless you

#20 Mark Derulo

Hey Kj,

Sure man. Don’t thank me. Thank Mike instead. Let me knwo if there’s anything else I can help you with. Yes, never give up..No pain (mentally), no gain!

#21 Mark Derulo


I’m not 13 years old or near that age so I’m not in the best position to advice you Lilly. But hey, I don’t see a reason why it can’t work for it. After all, all these factors that Mike mentioned can be applied to anyone of any age.

#22 Bryan

I have a question what do you do everyday and what do you take to maintain the clear skin?


Usually I do not learn post on blogs, however I would like to say that this
write-up very compelled me to check out and do so! Your writing taste has
been amazed me. Thanks, very great post.

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